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Monster Tail 2.0.04

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Transform and recruit monsters fight for themselves

New for 2015, Monster Tail is one of the most addictive online games you'll play this year. This colourful combat game from developers KKplay puts players in control of a whole legion of vibrant critters, pitting monsters against each other in dynamic battles.

Only one can emerge as victor, so make sure your monster has been trained properly. Learn new skills, train your monster to the pinnacle of their performance, and make sure your monster is rewarded for success.

With more than 100 individual critters to collect, there's plenty to discover in Monster Tail. Pokeman fans will be instantly familiar with the set-up and battle system, with a turn-based idle system giving everyone a great shot at walking away victorious from the arena.

Individual attacks can be tailored into devastating combination attacks that'll trounce even the most impossible of odds and villains, with upgrades and bonuses available throughout the game to drastically improve your chances of winning a bout.

There's no need to constantly top up with coins and credit to keep playing and purchase new content. Monster Tail has an offline benefit system which will keep your character battling, even when you're not playing. Perfect for boosting your digital income and increasing experience points when you can't play, you'll always return to improved stats and stronger monsters, every time you resume the app. With thousands of active users online at any one time, this game is perfect for collaborative play and PvP battles. Choose to take on your friends and their own critters in the arena, or pitch a battle against a complete stranger to see who comes out on top.

There's plenty of repeat play potential here, with a vast amount of new content to discover and more updates added all the time.

You'll love the fantastic character design that's gone into every last monster in the bestiary, with fantastic animations for when they pull off their special moves, and lucrative level-ups that'll see your most successful creatures evolve into even stronger forms and species.

There's always something new to discover when you play this monster battle game, every time you sign in.

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